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One Million Global catheters: PIVC worldwide prevalence study (OMG study)

A peripheral intravenous catheter (PIVC) is a vascular access medical device used to provide intravenous fluids and medications directly into a vein. With almost a billion PIVCs inserted around the world each year, PIVCs are associated with the following risks: inflammation, infection, and device failure. These adverse events increase patient discomfort, delay vital treatment, and increase health care costs through extended treatment and length of hospital stay. Most research related to PIVCs is conducted and reported in economically developed nations. The use and management of PIVCs in developing nations is largely unknown.

The OMG study, taking place in 2014, is a prevalence study investigating the use and management of PIVCs in adult and paediatric hospital inpatients in over 50 countries. The study is the first of its kind and will have international significance in documenting a snapshot of the prevalence of PIVC use and its complications. The OMG study will promote global awareness of PIVC assessment and care as a priority health area. The information gathered will assist healthcare educators to deliver targeted education programs designed to benefit the millions of patients who receive this therapy every day. The knowledge gained from this study will be invaluable in directing and informing future policy and budget initiatives in the healthcare sector, and the collaborative nature of the research will assist in building networking opportunities and research capacity among healthcare workers in diverse environments. This will facilitate the development of further research opportunities in the future.

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