The One Million Global Catheters Study 2014-2015

The One Million Global catheters study is the largest peripheral intravenous catheter prevalence study ever undertaken, with data collected on more than 40,000 PIVCs! We wish to thank everyone who has made the project a success. Over 400 hospitals have participated in 49 countries and 15 languages. The team is currently in the process of collating and analysing data, so stay tuned for the results. Our most recent newsletter is now available OMG Newsletter 7 (published 7 May 2016) If you have any questions, please contact us by email.


Griffith University has received unrestricted donations from 3M and BD to support the OMG PIVC study costs. Associates of Becton Dickinson, 3M, B.Braun, Vygon and Smiths Medical have provided much-appreciated assistance with translation of study documents and promotion of participation throughout their global networks. B.Braun has provided financial support for professional translations. No commercial entity has any involvement in the study design or analysis of results.

Why is the research being conducted?

The One Million Global (OMG) peripheral intravenous catheters (PIVC) study is shaping up to be the largest clinical benchmarking study ever undertaken with peripheral cannulas. The study aims to compare the current state of peripheral intravascular device use and practices from hospitals across the world. The information gathered from the OMG study is expected to identify gaps between intravenous guideline recommendations and clinical practice. This will provide excellent benchmarking opportunities for participating hospitals and create opportunities for the development of targeted education strategies and future research priorities.

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